Connect Linksys RT31P2 to existing network

On of the first steps in setting up Vonage service is connecting your telephone router. In my case, it’s the Linksys RT31P2, a 3-port router with two telephone connections. If you don’t have a home network in place, this process is pretty simple. Plug your internet connection into the router, plug your telephone into the router, and plug in your computer into the router. This takes all of about two minutes, unless you have fat, little elf fingers (no disrespect to elves.)

Since I already have a home network, the default setup didn’t work for me. I wanted to add the new Linksys RT31P2 to my existing network. And here’s where it gets just a little more tricky.

First, I have a Linksys BEFSR41 four port router/switch as my primary router. While there is some documentation that says that the Vonage router will work behind my Linksys router, no one really has any documentation saying just how that’s supposed to happen.

So, here’s how I connected the Linksys RT31P2 Vonage Tel-Router to my Linksys BEFSR41 network (if you want to try the same, I suggest hitting “PRINT” now). This works for me – your mileage may vary and don’t come crying to me. OK?

1) Print these directions. (I warned ya!)
2) Access your router’s configuration page and locate the DNS server information. This is usually on a status page or area. Make a note of all of the addresses (numbers separated by periods)
3) Disconnect the line from your computer network card to your existing router.
4) Connect the line from your computer into the #1 port on the Linksys RT31P2.
5) Connect a telephone to the Linksys RT31P2.
6) Power on the Linksys RT31P2.
7) Open a browser window.
8) Access the setup screen for the Linksys RT31P2 by typing “” (no quotes) into the address bar. Login as user name “admin” (no quotes) and password “admin” (no quotes).
9) On the SETUP tab, change the Internet Connection type to STATIC IP.
10) Set the following for the Static IP address:

  • Ip Address type in,
  • Subnet Mask type,
  • Default Gateway,
  • DNS 1: enter the DNS server from Step 2 above
  • DNS 2: enter the second DNS server from step 2
  • DNS 3: enter the second DNS server from step 2 or leave all zero’s in this field

11) Click Save, and exit this page.
12) Disconnect the line from your Computer to the RT31P2.
13) Reconnect your computer to your original router.
14) Connect the RT31P2 to your router using the cable provided – plug it into any numbered port on your router.

You should now be able to make calls using your Linksys RT31P2. If you connect a computer to the Linksys RT31P2, you should be able to access the internet.

In my configuration, I have a Wireless Access Point and an Xbox flying off the Linksys RT31P2. I haven’t tested a computer over there, but I presume I would be able to access file & print sharing with no problem. Like I said, this works for me – YMMV.

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  1. Do you know if vonage will work thru a linksys wireless 802.11g ap?

    the accommodations we are renting in mexico for a month have only wireless and we would like to take our vonage 416 # with us. What do you think.

  2. I just got the router about 1 hr ago and I have made several local and long distance calls. It is a sweet deal. I have no complains about it. I only pray it works in Iraq.

  3. I am preparing to make the connections as you desacribed in this post. However, my existing router is from Siemens, so I think I will have different entries for the IP address and default gateway. Am I correct? My router’s IP address is
    thanks for the help

  4. I guess I am lucky, I took a shot and hooked up the rt31p2 into one of the lan ports of my siemens router and then one of my PCs into a ethernet port of rt31p2 and presto everything works with the default settings. I did not even go into the setup cd or any menus. Maybe my rt31p2 has new firmware???!!!

  5. Any connection of 128kbps up and down will work just fine. I have 3 Vonage lines at my work that we use all the time. I tried it for a week on the default “Highest Quality” (90kbps) sound setting and was great. Just to test the stuff I set it to the “Normal Quality” setting (30 kbps) and could tell little to no difference. We only have a 384x384kbps connection there at work and have had no problems. The only problem I had to start with is at the start. I ended up having to put all 3 of my RT31P2 devices in front of my Linksys wireless router. But all in all great service.


  6. Kevin –
    I have an RT31P2 (fw 2.0.11(LIc)) hooked up to an SMC router.
    The crux is that when I uplink using the WAN port, the phone works but the computers behind the Linksys cannot access the internet. When I uplink using one of the LAN ports and a cross over cable, the computers work but the phone service does not
    Here is a mock up of the setup
    SMC (No DHCP)
    Linksys (Static IP, No NAT, No DHCP)
    | |
    Computer Phone

    I tried various configurations, including the one you mention above. On the status tab/local network -> registration status it still says “cant connect to login server”.
    Any help would be appreciated

  7. The RT31p2 works ok – except in environments were it needs to exchange routing information – the dynamic routing feature has several bugs – it won’t fully exchange rip v2 routes with another linksys router or a Cisco 3620 router – which is what I have in my home network. Vonage service is good – the Linksys folks need to work out some bugs on the router though. Tech support is a joke

  8. I wish I had made the switch from Verizon sooner.. It took me just under an hour to disconnect my phonelines from the landline and connect it to the Vonage RT31p2. I have the RT31p2 in front of my wireless router and I have zero problems with traffic in and out of my network.

    My only complaint about Vonage is the occasional need to redial a number after a fast busy on the first attempt, as well as the occasional “quiet” or voice drop to the inbound caller. Other than that, I certainly prefer my new phone bill to my old.

  9. I did this setup as follows but now need to access the admin of the RT31P2 so I cn do some port forwarding, but I can’t find the URL of the admin for this router.

    ANy help would be great, oh and these instructions worked perfectly!

  10. Am I glad somebody around here knows what they are doing! Maybe someone here can help me, I probably have a ‘no brainer’ but its got me stumped.

    I’m trying to connect a LinkSys RT31P2 vonage box behind a ECI B-Focus Router-Modem (312+). In Canada and the United States I plugged the RT31P2 in behind the modem everywhere I went … it worked FLAWLESSLY (I could not believe my good luck to discover a neytworking technology that worked FIRST time and EVERY time!). My luck ran out.

    Over here in Europe I have had zero success in getting the RT31P2 to pass through IP packets to the computer.

    I also can not find very much written material on this ECI Modem-Router! Any suggestions?