Good neighbor? Hmph!

I’m getting a little tired of seeing State Farm commercials on TV. You know the ones where the State Farm agent interacts with the people that have the insurance? Yeah – that shit never happens.

My State Farm agent? He doesn’t even know my name. I’ve had the same guy for five years, paying jacked up Texas rates, been in his office at least five times – never met the man. I’m just saying.

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  1. Switch to Farmer’s Ins… Oh wait they don’t take on any new customers in Texas.

    But my agent knows my name!! Larry in Garland, of course Farmer’s has paid alot on my stuff, a tornado in ’93 and hail in ’03 and gee as a bonus canceled my water damage coverage in ’03, too, cause I was late in making a payment due to Memorial Day… after 18 years with them.

    Actually canceled my policy all together but reinstated except for water damage… Never mail a payment, always hand deliver the darn thing.

    Kevin, don’t they send you a birthday card???

  2. I dumped State Farm shortly after I moved to California because they doubled my rates simply for moving. I now have Allstate and enjoy a savings of more than $300 per six months.

  3. That is the opposite of my treatment. True, when I call my agent’s office, I don’t always speak to him. But I always get great service, and am well treated. I only talk to them once a year, maybe. I’ve been with them for over 10 yrs.

    This last Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving), I awoke to find my neighbor’s tree lying on top of my 3 month old truck. Not too much damage. After talking to the neighbor, running some errands, etc. it was around 3 or 3:30 pm before I could call my insurance agent. I actually talked to him (after the receptionist), and not only did he get my claim filed immediately so I could take it to the shop on Friday, but he used the short version middle name (which is not on my policy, and only people that know me use it), and chatted about other things going on.

    I have heard bad stories about State Farm and Farmers. But I have never had bad treatment from them. But, my homeowners policy is not with them. Who would y’all suggest for homeowners in Texas?

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