Is anyone using Vonage? We’ve got a really fast cable connection (2.4 MBps) and we could save about $400/year if we went with a premium unlimited plan for $24.99. We could keep our same local number, plus we could set up local numbers in Fort Worth, Tampa, KY, etc.

They don’t require a contract and you can get an adapter free from Vonage or free with rebate from Amazon. It wouldn’t work during a long power outage, but the cable modem, routers, and (potentially) Vonage box are on a UPS, so two hours or so would be OK.

They’ve got a money back guarantee and some folks seem to be using it. Thoughts?

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  1. I’ve heard some people complaining about Vonage. I don’t remember specific complaints, but it was something along the line of stuff just didn’t work right.

    That being said, it’s entirely possible that Vonage’s servers suck and they have crappy support, or it could be that morons are trying to use their service not knowing what they’re doing.

    It looks to me like their nominal call is 128kbps which is perfect if you have a stable connection and don’t do much less with it while you use the phone. I’ll be very interested to see how this works out for you if you get it.

    Also, comments on my site work again. Thanks again for the heads up on that.

  2. I know you’re a fellow TiVo guy so I would take a look-see on the TiVo Community for people there using it and able to use it for TiVo. I’ve heard a lot great things about it.

    We dropped to cell’s only 3 months ago with the idea of using Vonage if the cell’s were not enough. We’ve not needed a home phone to this point except that our TiVo keeps telling us to make a call soon or else.. 🙂

  3. As fate would have it, I got my phone bill today. I have a Verizon Freedom package where they have the freedom to charge me out the ass and I have the freedom to call anyone/anywhere/anytime. With taxes and fees? $82.04. Geez. C’mon, folks…who’s got Vonage?

  4. I’ve had my Vonage line for about a week, still waiting number porting which is scheduled for the 29th.

    Sound quality is good, better than a cell phone. Neat feature of getting voicemail via email is kinda neat. Still waiting to cast away local phone service. So far it is very good.

  5. Kevin, if you haven’t already, read their “Terms of Service” agreement. There are a few things lacking like 911 service, directory assistance charges and dis-connect charges. Also, if you transfer your current home number to them, they don’t guarantee to give it back if you stop the service.

  6. Mark – Good points. 911 service could easily be overcome by dumbing down to a $10 no-frills account from Verizon. As far as getting the number back, I’m not sure I would release it to them. In turn, I’m not sure they aren’t governed by federal laws now which require portability. And – at the end of the day – I’m not married to my number anyway.

    I’m going to give it a run for a few weeks and see what happens. Not ready to move to it full-time, but…we’ll see.

  7. The Vonage service is really bad now. First, customer service to answer questions is non-existent. I have been on hold for an hour before.

    Second, their voicemail is terrible. Voicemails do not show up for days or they end up in the deleted voicemail prompt. Not nice when you use this line for business.