Full blown holiday

The holidays start in earnest today at Chez Donahue. Yes, I’m still pretty sick. Merrin’s mom will be in route shortly with greyhounds in tow for a few days of champagne & turkey.

I think we’re even doing a Coopahues Thanksgiving dinner. (No word yet on the fish cupcakes.) It will be a different pace from last year when we had both families under one roof.

If you’re not in the holiday spirit yet, you’ve still got a few hours. I’m trimming the blog for the holidays later. Tomorrow night (amid champagne toasts) we’ll sit down and enjoy the best holiday tradition of them all. By this time on Friday, the new le naturale tree isn’t going in the yard, Russ, it’s going in our living room.

PS – Is it wrong for me to have an evil grin about the Coopers coming home from Hawaii today? It was 41 this morning (36 with wind chill) and the low tonight is 35. Yeah, Aloha, ninjas.

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