Turkey for you, fish cupcakes for me

Merrin & I went to have Thanksgiving with her family last night. It was good to see everyone. On the way, we realized that we’ve seen my family more this year than we have her family – which is odd since my family lives 2200 miles further away.

Funniest conversation of the night? Merrin’s grandmother (who’s doing great, btw) and the dog:

G: Have you been eating fish?
Dog: (blank stare)
G: Your breath smells like fish. Did you eat fish?
Dog: (blank stare)
G: I think you ate fish.
G: (to everyone) Was there fish in the cupcakes?

I think I spewed my drink at that point. After a few moments, we all just said that no, there wasn’t any fish in the cupcakes.

Ahh, the holidays.

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