Bush kicking ass in Chile

This video probably won’t make it on the news. Chilean security tried to stop a Secret Service agent from accompanying President Bush on diplomatic visit. Bush jumped into the fracas and “pulled his agent from the scrum“. (photos)

<Will Farrell voice>”Don’t F with GWB. Or Texas. You’ll get the horns.</Will Farrell voice>

Update: More to the story. The Chileans may have been grumpy that Bush wouldn’t use their security.

When pressed, GWB will kick ass (scroll for photo).

In all seriousness, Bush was wrong to try to go back into the crowd. He likely had a substantial number of secret service agents nearby. Last thing we need is a US President in the middle of a chaotic situation. Many attacks (especially in places like Chile) happen when there is a distraction. It was macho, but definitely an unnecessary risk.

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