Welcome home, your majesty

This past weekend Merrin & I were out doing some Christmas shopping. (Yeah, I think that music thing took hold.) Rather than shop for “you people”, we indulged our own wants.

For years, Merrin has taken great pride in listening to my symphony of profanity while unpacking the le naturale Christmas tree and stringing up 1,000 lights. Well, curse no more, Senor Kev!

We found a 9′ pre-lit tree at Costco with 1,800 lights. (I wanted to get the 12′ one, but Merrin has this thing about it fitting in the house…wimp.) It’s like this one, but it cost about $250 less and looks a hell of a lot better. Other than the fact that it weighs at least one metric ton, I think we’re going to have a pretty easy go of it this year. Can’t…wait….

And don’t worry, kiddies, we got presents for all y’all, too.

3 Comments on “Welcome home, your majesty”

  1. That’s a nice tree! I remember the days I could fit 12′ trees [real ones] in the house. No longer…No longer. 8′ is cutting it close*:(