Month: November 2004

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Ken Jennings loses Tuesday iPod – restore and maximize battery life Office XP style menus for Firefox Audio of Ken Jennings’ loss No flaw is found in Bush’s Florida Win The Miami Herald counts votes in three “disputed” counties & found little discrepancy Target now sells marijuana online?

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VoIP Is a Good Call for the Dallas Cowboys The Top VoIP Bloggers of 2004 New York Times Reviews VoIP Wireless Routers Vonage and the Linksys PAP2–good choice for me Vonage review – CNET Reviews Vonage – Connect Tivo & DirecTV Blog Torrent – simple painless torrent uploads to your blog


Is anyone using Vonage? We’ve got a really fast cable connection (2.4 MBps) and we could save about $400/year if we went with a premium unlimited plan for $24.99. We could keep our same local number, plus we could set up local numbers in Fort Worth, Tampa, KY, etc. They don’t require a contract and …