Five months later…

I installed the new kitchen faucet that my brother gave me back in May. (Our is different from the picture in that the photo is brushed chrome – ours is polished chrome.)

It had just been sitting in the box and I was inspired by the floor project, so…in it went. Why is removing the old crappy faucet so much harder than putting the new one in?! The polished chrome looks great with the ceramic white sink!

Anyway, it’s in, it works, and Merrin’s in love. (I love starting & finishing a project while she’s at work. Such a surprise when she gets home!)

2 Comments on “Five months later…”

  1. y’all have a ceramic white sink? i never noticed. shame on me.

    love the faucet! and what floor project? the kitchen floor? you did that like….a year ago!