Amazing Race 6 Contestants

Is it too early to start talking about the Amazing Race 6? Nope. CBS says it’could start in late October, but it will probably be November.

Based on the rundown of contestants, it looks like AR6 is going to have a “tv friendly” field. Hopefully somebody on the list has brains:

Jonathan Baker, age 42 and Victoria Fuller, age 31 – married – yep, that Victoria Fuller

Lori Chestnut Harvey, age 32, and Bolo Dar’tainian, age 38 – male & female pro wrestlers

Kris Perkins, age 30, and Jon Buehler, age 29 – long-distance daters

Freddy Holliday, age 35, and Kendra Bentley, age 25 – engaged models

Lena Jensen, age 23, and Kristy Jensen, age 26 – sister – one’s devout Mormon, one’s an ex striptease aerobics instructor (?)

Aaron Crumbaugh, age 25 and Hayden Kristianson, age 25 – dating models

Hera McLeod, age 23, and Gustavus McLeod, age 49 – father/daughter team (special ed teacher & former CIA)

Donald St. Claire, age 69, and Mary Jean St. Claire, age 65 – married – “the olds”

Avi Schneier, age 32, and Joe Rashbaum, age 32 – childhood buddies

Maria Sampogna, age 26 and Meredith Tufaro, age 26 – best friends

Just in case you’re looking ahead to Amazing Race 7, it starts filming next month. The contestants are already in. So, I guess Merrin & I will just have to wait until Amazing Race 8!

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