Say Anything

I think Kerry’s say anything to get elected strategy is slowly coming unraveled. Bush has opened up a four-point lead again, as undecideds start to get a feel for Kerry.

Now Kerry-Edwards has published a 66-page Election Day manual that instructs Democrats to play the race card (and the DNC has confirmed it’s authenticity):

“If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a ‘pre-emptive strike’ (particularly well-suited to states in which these techniques have been tried in the past.).”

Stephen Green hits the nail on the head – KerryCo. is more concerned about gaining power than having something worth defending when it’s all over.

The problem: Kerry doesn’t have the strong support from core Democrats that past candidates had. His support in the black community is relatively weak compared to Clinton (1992, 1996) and Gore (2000). Meanwhile, polls show that Bush has essentially doubled his support among black voters.

The strategy: Send Jesse Jackson out to say voters will be disenfranchised, even though the investigation says voters were not disenfranchised or intimidated. Send Edwards out to say that Bush will steal the election. Put Tad Devine on CNN to claim say that minorities may be prevented from voting by evil Republicans, even though they weren’t.

It’s this sort of say anything crap that makes peoples’ BS detectors go nuts. Personally, I hope he keeps it up, but – knowing Kerry – he’ll probably change his mind and go another direction.

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