OK, so we’re getting a new floor. This is something we’ve both been wanting for a while so we bit the bullet. We decided to go with Empire-Today to do the work. Merrin says they have catchy jingles and they have a good Dallas BBB rating, so I’m ready.

I think we drove the guy borderline crazy while he was measuring by taking the samples and setting chairs, tables, etc on them to see how it would look.

We finally settled on a 9mm Quick-Step with a 25 year warranty. It doesn’t need acclimating, so they’re going to come out to rip out & remove our carpet, level the concrete as needed, install the pad & new floor. Professional leveling, install, and finish trim all in one afternoon! Best part – with my discount for being a Sam’s Club member (10%!), the whole thing came in about $600 less than I expected after tax! Yahootie – rug money!

We’re scheduled it for a couple weeks out so Merrin can be home. What? Oh yeah, that.

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  1. No, that is not our house – just a sample image. We don’t have an oil painting of Wayne Newton (or Johnny Cash or Kim Jung Il or whomever that is)…yet.