SO glad I’m not a woman

I’m so happy that I’m not a woman and therefore required to kneel before the gilded throne of her Oprah-ness. Otherwise, I think I would have had my head explode when sainted American crusader Cameron Diaz let fly with this gem:

Ms. DIAZ: …if you think that rape should be legal, then don’t vote.

Wow. I guessing you won’t see that quote on too many voter registration drives.

Then there’s America’s poet-laureate, P. Diddy:

“For years, people have wondered why young people and minorities are not involved in the voting process,” P. Diddy says. “They’re disenfranchised.”

Side note to P. Diddy – it’s now legal for everyone to vote, so they can’t be “disenfranchised“. If they were, I don’t think you selling t-shirts is going to miraculously enfranchise them. Maybe (and I’m just going out on a limb here) but maybe you just stick to the rapping, okay?

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