OK, so did anyone else catch the pilot episode of ABC’s Lost? About 20 minutes in, I said to Merrin that this may be one of the best shows on television. After watching the rest of the pilot, I don’t know what I think of it. It is either going to be fantastic, or (as Merrin said) it may be the first show ever to go from greatness to jumping the shark in 48 minutes flat.

All I can say right now is…Wow! I’ll definitely catch the next episode.

2 Comments on “Lost”

  1. Yep… they’re going to have to treat that giant scary unseen creature delicately. That’s going to make or break that show. I’ve got a Season Pass set up. 🙂

  2. After seeing Ep 2 last night — they need to put J.J. Abrams in charge of the whole network. Seriously.

    There’s so damn many things going on! The Iraqi, the federal prisoner, the French SOS loop from 16 years ago, the polar bear (!), the Korean sushi guy … Ho-lee flurking schnit!

    And Terry O’Quinn (the bald older guy, he was in Alias too) has got something shady going on, I just know it …

    Hey, anybody else notice that the pilot in the cockpit was Eric Weiss from Alias?