New nickels

The Mint has released the 2005 design for the nickel. A revamped image of Thomas Jefferson and the word “Liberty” in Jefferson’s handwriting appear on the front. The back side will have either an image of a buffalo or Lewis & Clarke’s view of the Pacific Ocean. Of note, CNN says that a new nickel design was used for 2004, but I haven’t noticed it.

Update: Yep, I’ve seen the 2004 nickels. My bad.

3 Comments on “New nickels”

  1. I’m all too aware of the new nickel design after my boss spent 20 minutes bitching and moaning because our government spent all that money to redesign the money only to ignore the plight of the innercity. There was something in there about the glorification of coins by an elitist and uncaring government. I just looked at him in awe. It is asinine conversations like this that drain my sympathy.

  2. This will only accelerate the coin-hoarding curve we’re currently experiencing in which coins dated prior to 2000 are subconciously prized for their “19s”. It’s a plot I tellya.