Thought of the minute

The more I think about how I use my computers and how I want to use my computers, the more I’m convinced that a wireless monitor is the way to go. Think about it: how many times have you been reading something online and had to go to the bathroom? With a magazine, you would think very little of carrying the sucker around the house with you, right? That’s how I want to use my computer.

A laptop wouldn’t do exactly because it requires some surface (generally) in order to acheive that proper angle. (Follow me here) A tablet PC would work, but I don’t want the heat/price/overhead that goes with a tablet (I don’t think) – besides, I want to be accessing the workhorse workstation. Yep, a wireless monitor is for me. Did I mention that they’re about half as the price they once were? I did. Oh.

4 Comments on “Thought of the minute”

  1. By wireless, do you also mean battery-powered? If not, you’d either need another monitor in the bathroom, or else lug it around and re-plug it in after you’re on the throne.

    And Schmed: I don’t get it.

  2. That’s because you haven’t watched the movie (or watched it closely enough).

    Unless you mean the part about Clarke being a termite in Algore’s head – that’s a slap at Mr. Woodenhead claiming he invented the Internet because what they show ’em using is totally prescient.