Netflix & Tivo to unite

And finally it has come time for all great things to join as one. Well, it’s a start anyway. PVRblog is reporting Netflix and TiVo to announce partnership, offer downloadable movies. The combined effort will allow Netflix subscribers to download their movies directly to Tivo. This has to be the best partnership since peanut butter hooked up with chocolate!

I’m guessing that the movies will somehow be queued in your Tivo according to your Netflix membership level (two at a time, three at a time, etc). The downloading will likely take place overnight or something. When our DirecTivos had Starz VOD, that’s how it was done – beamed through the satellite during “off” hours.

I do have one slight concern, though, and that’s that those of us who pay our Tivo fees to DirecTV for DirectDVR with Tivo units aren’t going to get the opportunity to enjoy this.

3 Comments on “Netflix & Tivo to unite”

  1. Yeah, sorry to say but the DirectDVR by TiVo gets left out of alot of things. As I understand you also don’t have the Home Media Option…..I’d go nuts…that’s part of the reason I wanted the Series 2 TiVo unit….I can now listen to my music collection via my TV. Great for background music when working around the house.

    Also, hate to tell you this, but the soon to be released (in Fall they say) TiVoToGo option won’t be available on your DirectDVR….this is the feature I’m waiting for. Being able to transfer shows from my TiVo to my PC and then burn them to DVD. I’m also hoping that soon after someone will figure out how to convert a standard MPG movie into something I can transfer to my TiVo…..great for home movies or downloaded movies (not that I’d ever do that).