Quick Hurricane Update

Word from Florida is that they’re expecting a lot of wind and a lot of rain. There’s a chance that it could shift north slightly and put my brother’s family & parents on the south (weaker) side of Frances. The sucker is moving so slowly though, they’re going to be in for a long visit regardless. They are just hoping to keep power. We’ll see.

The word from the Abaco message boards is that Guana took a pretty good little hit. Someone posted that Nippers had three feet of sand on the deck, so I presume they’re going to see a lot of beach erosion on this one. Overall, not as bad as Floyd was, but there are no “good” hurricanes. All weather alerts have been lifted and I guess the clean-up will begin shortly. I don’t know when Paul & Barbara will be able to fly back, as they’re holed up in Florida. No word yet on Merrin’s Dad’s House, but sounds like the people are safe – and that’s what really matters.

And, in other Hurricane news, looks like Hurricane Ivan is building towards Puerto Rico with an expected path towards Florida in a week or so. The party never stops.

Somebody get a 12-volt for the blender & let’s all have Hurricanes!