Ready or not, it’s coming

Francis is bound and determined to find it’s way across Florida to my parent’s and brother’s homes. The current projection puts them right in the path of the eye for tomorrow afternoon sometime. Worse, still? Looks like that sucker wants to turn noth and dump a bunch of rain on my grandparents up in KY. All that after blasting the house & friends down in the Abacos. I’m telling you – I won’t be surprised if this sucker just comes straight for Flower Mound. It’s gunning for me.

4 Comments on “Ready or not, it’s coming”

  1. Poor Mike ( he just moved down to florida from new york. I hope that everything turns out for mikey.

  2. Darn thang is moving so slow, they are talking about measuring the rain fall in FEET instead of Inches.

  3. This is all GW Bush’s fault. If he hadn’t ripped the sheets with Jaques ChIraq, Frances wouldn’t be attacking us. A Jean Effing Kerry Prezidonsie could, how you say, restore-ah zee good relations with zee citeezens of Gaul and zhey would call off zheir terreebul a-storm-ah.