MovableType 3.1

Now the folks at SixApart are starting to give me something that I can really use, especially over at the college football blog. MovableType 3.1 has some new goodies, including the option of being able to use static/dynamic page templates, future post scheduling and subcatagories. The choice of static pages for high demand (ie home page stuff) and dynamic for archives is a really great feature and gives the perfect balance for higher traffic sites.

2 Comments on “MovableType 3.1”

  1. You know… if they had moved out those changes first, then started charging people would probably have bitched a lot less.

  2. Yea, I agree with Pete. I still think it’s too pricey for it’s own good. I do however think its right for big collaborative blogs like FB. I wish they would publish something for the little guys like me.