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  1. You know, I thought about doing that once, but it was gonna make my life insurance payment go up so I didn’t.

    “If you skydive, deep-sea dive or participate in any other high-risk activities, your premiums will be more expensive.”

    Ain’t that a shame?

  2. I fail to see the virtue of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. The airplane, after you have foolishly jumped out, will land and the pilot will be on the ground waiting on you with a beer.

    Why, then, are you compelled to jump out of the airplane when it would be faster to ride down in the plane and get said beer?

    I could understand if the plane was on fire, or if you had lost an engine or a large egret had impaled itself on one of the winglets thereby inhibiting operations of the flaps. But no, your airplane will most likely not endure any of these ailments, and with thusly return safely to the ground, none worse for the wear.

    So why do you feel the need to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

  3. I’m with Corey – if the plane is perfectly good, I see no reason to jump out of it. Kymberlie did it a few weeks ago and *loved* it though, so I guess it is fun for some people. I have serious issues with the fear of falling, so I will never do it.

    By the way, if you want to watch skydiving jump videos, you can check out the Flying Arab website – that is who filmed Kymberlie’s jump.

  4. You’re on your own, buddy boy. I’m with Merrin, and say this with uper gusto:


    Have a good day from your friends here at Sane Asylum.

  5. Jason is planning on going! Y’all could go together. He has about two pounds to go to be under the 210. He is so damn tall!

    He was pretty excited when I told him about your post. So..if you are serious let me know.