A simple test

OK. Here’s a simple little test I’ve devised. Take a look that this and tell me what gets your attention.

Geeks will notice that the font in the “Swimsuit 2004” is Veer’s Malbeck font. They’ve used it throughout the issue. Congrats, Veer!

Parrotheads will notice one thing: Free Jimmy Buffett CDROM.

Old schoolers will immediately see “Cheryl, Tyra, Elle, Christie, Heidi…” and get lost in sentimental bliss for posters on their walls.

Ladies might wonder why they didn’t brush off sand of Veronica Varekova’s butt.

Me? I’m wondering where the hell’s the college football?! Well, mostly the football stuff. 😉

3 Comments on “A simple test”

  1. The very first thing I noticed the model on the cover is holding the top of her bikini. The second thing that came to mind are these models photosphopped or airbrushed for the “ideal” figure.Third was in fact the sand..on the petite little ass, bothers me none. All that in about the 10 seconds I gave it.

  2. I noticed the logo in the top left, “Shot in the USA”. I think they could of re-phrased that a bit.