Bluffed out of my shorts…again

OK – no one play poker with the lovely, yet muy deceitful Mrs. Donahue. She will bluff you hard core. Coop-a-loop, Merrin, & I have been playing Texas Hold ‘Em every weekend for the past month or so. Every time, Merrin has held us down and taken our lunch money. It’s become a neighborhood tradition: we get some beer (or whiskey), some food, and play cards until sometime the next morning…or until Merrin tires of stringing us along & simply knocks us out of the game. It ain’t even right. I gotta get poker savvy.

4 Comments on “Bluffed out of my shorts…again”

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  2. I spit water after reading that, Merrin.

    Kevin, catch a couple episodes of one of the many professional poker shows on ESPN and other channels right now. They’ll help.