Free iPod update

I’m two subscribers short from getting a free iPod. Remember, once you register, you have to complete one of the very simple offers. My experience thus far is there is one more step, too. Once you complete the offers, login to and click the FAQ link. Then click, “I didn’t get credit for an offer.” Cut & paste your email confirmation from the offer and they’ll process it.

In related news, Christine‘s getting her free iPod. C’mon, y’all, let’s hook up the lovely Mrs. Donahue next!

One Comment on “Free iPod update”

  1. I actually decided that instead of getting the pink mini, I’m going to get Mike a 20gb one instead. (I already have a 20gb one, so it’s nice to share.) I have one other person I’m hooking up with a link first (my fiancee, Kymberlie), but then … it’s all you! 😀