8 Comments on “Let the looting commence!”

  1. Next stop, Federal Pound-me-in-the-ass Prison!

    Actually, she may get off completely on appeal. I hope no one foobar’d anything in the trial process.

  2. :p … Ha, all of us Marthaophiles know you can’t get MS brand at BB&B, so where is the nearest K-Mart? Louisiana? Houston? Where are they?

    Corey, they screwed up plenty, don’t you listen to the news? She will get an appeal and will be exhonorated or whatever that word is…

    Long may she reign!!! MarthaTalks and now I am going to get my hair done… one must keep up appearances in these tough times.

  3. Seriously?! She didn’t deserve it?! BS. She took advantage of the system and manipulated the stock market. That same crime has the potential to wipe out the retirement savings of millions of people. She definitely deserved it. You *have* to protect the integrity of the system or it’s worthless for everyone.

  4. manipulated the stock market???? What??? She sold $200K worth of stock, that if she would have held on to would of been worth $300K yesterday…

    Merrin, take his temperture, I think he has confusionease… The crime that she was charged and convicted for was LYING to feds, NOT insider trading.

    I thought you were above the confused masses.

    There is a civil suit filed on her for insider trading supposedly, but nothing has come of that yet. And several of her former stockholders are suing.. bet they wish they kept her stock or bought more… 40% rise yesterday. She made $94 million not bad for a court appearance.

    (Enron wiped out hundreds if not thousands of pensions…how many of those MEN even got 5 months? let alone been brought to trial)

    Martha hurt no one, until after this mess started, 200 of her employees lost their jobs and of course her stock fell(tough…it’s the stock market).

    (I still have Verizon stock,plus a Co. 401K and if I had a broker and that broker didn’t call and tell me when others were selling I would boil him in oil)

    Ok done now… Looks like not only do I need to stay off the topic of Politics… I should add Martha to that list.

    Have a nice day. And may your sheets be lower than 50 count.. wait, I take that back cause Merrin sleeps with you.

  5. I’ve got to say that I’m with Kevin in my inability to appreciate MS’s greatness.

    I’ve never really cared for her so all of this just adds to that. I’ve got to believe there was certainly a good deal of deception on her part and that was what she was convicted for. I’m not really wound up the in whole thing because in the end there are so many more important happenings in our country. I freely admit that I’m not her biggest fan so I’m probably biased.

    For this Martha fans, does her quote really ring true?

    “As an educator, I am disappointed that millions of fans of our television show won’t be able to enjoy a 12th season of the unique how-to program we created.”

    I’m not trying to be rude when I ask that. I’m just trying to determine whether this is true or if Martha has over estimated her worth to the American public.

  6. Look, Martha’s a documented phoney. She’s a big ol bee-yatch that tries to come off being all sweet. You can tell that she doesn’t mean a word of it. I’ve seen clips from her show where she’s got a guest in and the whole time you can tell that she’s just thinking how wrong the other person is. Give me a break.

    And as far as not hurting anyone, when has that been the determining factor for criminal proceedings? She lied to try to protect her ass and keep another guy out of jail. Sorry, I meant “conspiracy, making false statements and obstruction of agency proceedings”.

    Face it: Martha thought she was so better than all of this so it didn’t apply to her. She was wrong.