Forks in roads

There’s been some talk recently at Chez Donahue about doors being opened for us. I don’t really know what it all means, or which door (if any) would every be the right one. I’ve got a lot on my mind and I haven’t quite figured out how to write it all out just yet. More to follow, I’m most certain.

4 Comments on “Forks in roads”

  1. It’s during these sorts of intervals that one’s fertility tends to maximize, so careful with that road forking.

  2. bittersweet for us. the sweet part is only b/c we love you guys and want you to be happy in anything you decide to do.

  3. Different fork & different road entirely, schmedster, although that would certainly be a blessing I would be grateful for.

    Nothing even remotely set in sand, let alone concrete. I’m blessed with a great situation at work, better friends than I deserve, and a beautiful wife who loves me in spite of myself.

    If I have a confused look on my face (moreso than normal), there’s a lot going on up there. And it probably all means absolutely nothing.