First Class

I saw this in the DMN and almost broke down when I read it.

It all began with a chance encounter at an airport, a glance, an offer, a quiet chat.

What’s your seat number, soldier?

It’s 23-B, sir, the soldier told the businessman.

No, son, that’s my seat. Yours is in first class.

And then another passenger gave up their seat to a soldier. And then another. And then another. Again and again until every soldier on-board was sitting in first class.

First class? Yeah, I know what that means – it’s the person you are and the things you do, unselfishly and without any thought at all. Our soldiers are first class. It’s nice to know that there’s a lot people back home who think that way, too.

5 Comments on “First Class”

  1. “First Class”, eh? A most appropriate title for the most refreshing entry i’ve read all day. I decided to make one last random blogstop. To whatever cosmic consciousness led me here, i am indeed grateful. Have a superb tomorrow Mr D!

  2. You’re catching this sort of thing in midstream – I flew through Houston a couple months ago and spoke with 3 soldiers who recounted similar – tho not identical – experiences had been happening to them and theirs throughout their travels. All I could offer was my heartfelt appreciation (standard bidniz class is all the Saltmine’ll pay for) which they said was more than they expected. May God continue to Bless ’em.