Project complete

OK. Merrin did a great job in getting the guest bathroom started & finished. The color is awesome (Liberty Blue) and the accents she picked out at Target are the bomb. Here’s a before shot. And after shot 1 and after shot 2. I’m still going to frame out the mirror with trim pieces, but Merrin is so happy that I had to go ahead and post.

(Note: This is not the easiest room to photograph, so you may have to wait until next time you’re over to get the full effect.)

10 Comments on “Project complete”

  1. I notice a candle looking purple-ish in one shot. It’s not at all. I just have a bad camera. New faucet, new fixtures, new counter goodies, new linens…it’s a new room!

  2. WOW! What a difference. Now, guests won’t want to leave the bathroom because you’ve made it so inviting! Great job, you two. Merrin, I like the color choice and how you’ve coordinated the rug, towels, etc. SUPER! The candles look fine, Kev.

  3. Why can’t women learn to put the seat down? It’s always, “Do this for me.” What happened to women’s lib?!

    And, for the record, the close eye in the second shot will note that the seat is down. 🙂

  4. It does look great, and even better in person! I love it!!
    and for the record…at my house, the seat AND the lid go down!

  5. Wow what a difference that looks good. Great Job K&M!!

    BTW you have the same towels as us 😀