In sickness & in health

OK, so I’m operating at about 70% right now, still suffering from an awful cough and functioning on about 3 minutes of sleep. But it wouldn’t be a weekend without a project to complete, so…the lovely Mrs. Donahue is stepping in and lending a hand. I’ve been designated as project foreman and Merrin is designer/grunt labor.

She’s wanted to redo the front guest bath since we moved in and today seemed as good a time as any. I’m responsible for the new bath faucet & fixtures. Merrin is taping, prepping, and painting. When all is said and done, we’ll have a new bathroom in a fantastic shade of blue with white & platinum accents.

If my project history is any indication, the whole thing should take roughly an hour, maybe less. 😉

4 Comments on “In sickness & in health”

  1. Remember, I painted the entire kitchen in one day. This really should take about an hour, if you don’t count the time it takes for the primer to dry. Just call me Picasso.