Bad, badder, baddest

I’m sick. So sick that I was up all night despite keg stands with Nyquil.

I did get a few moments of sleep, though, before the house alarm went off.

Did I ever mention that we don’t know the alarm code to set or diable the house alarm? Who knew that you need the code to silence the alarm. Eventually it was forcibly removed from the wall and snipped. Joy.

OK. Back to the Nyquil bottle.

3 Comments on “Bad, badder, baddest”

  1. call me if you need anything. we’re both home today.
    i hope you feel better soon. i hate to say it, but you sounded worse late last night than you did late yesterday afternoon. 🙁

  2. Take care, Kevin and I hope your body finally lets you get the rest you need!

    Ps…I thought of you as I got meself sunburned working on the yard, and contemplated my “Linus” tree. One of these days, I am going to take a picture of it and post it up for all to gaze upon its pitifulness.

    Get Well Soon!