Now I remember why I didn’t have a windshield sun shade in my car for all these years — they suck. This weekend I threw a “Magic Shade” into Merrin’s cart at Target thinking, “Hey, it’s summer in Texas. I probably need this.” Yeah, like a hole in the head.

First, it’s not magic. I was neither transformed nor transported. That being said, for $12.00 I really didn’t expect much. What I did expect, though, is something that I could actually fold when I’m not using it. Seriously. When the directions say,

…fold the shade into a taco shell shape, palms facing up and in. Twists wrists inward slightly and cross wrists…

I don’t even know what the directions are after that because I have to go to the flipping ER ever time I try to wrench my taco wrists into some preverted twister formation. Seriously, if a guy has to spend this much time torquing his wrists, he ought to get some satisfaction out of it, right? Magic? I’ll settle for getting the damn thing to fold.


9 Comments on “Magic…schmagic”

  1. You could always just toss it in the back – assuming it worked worth a durn enough to justify keeping it at all.

    At least it won’t get you fussed at by some retired law enforskin officer because you inadvertently put the “SEND HELP” side showing.

  2. I prefer the $5-6 one, real shiny silver on one side… the one that folds up like a map. Oh wait guys can’t fold up maps either. Sorry Kevin. But hey you are a great landscaper, etc.

  3. The problem is that my car requires a sun shade the size of Montana. I use the same one that they use in dumptrucks and stuff. It’s a big mamma jamma.

  4. They make the map folding ones that big… 🙂

    I drive a big old truck, GMC extended cab long bed with a topper shell.