I keep Merrin’s voice mails

OK. I shouldn’t even blog this because it’s either going to be morbid or sickeningly sweet, but I have to find out if yall do this too.

Anytime I get a voice mail from Merrin, I don’t delete it. Usually it’s just something short on my cell to say she’s on her way home from work & asking me what I want for dinner. But I don’t delete them.


Because somewhere deep inside, I’m afraid of never hearing her voice again. I mean, I pray to God that nothing would ever happen to her….but what if it did? I could never hear her voice again. So I always have (at least) a voicemail or two saved.

Somehow it came up tonight and she does the same thing – especially when I’m out of town. I guess we’re both either way too sweet or way to mental.

Have y’all ever done that?

8 Comments on “I keep Merrin’s voice mails”

  1. A little sweet, a little mental. It’s what makes us different, and what makes us human.

    The utilitarian in me wishes to sugguest that you transport your voicemails from your phone to your computer and thusly save to a CD or something. It’ll keep you voicemail clutter free. =)

  2. It was recently pointed out that we are disgustingly sweet to one another. I suppose this is true in comparison to most couples today. I would not, however, have it any other way. I’m neither embarassed nor freaked out that I save Kev’s messages. You never know when something could happen, and I would hate never to hear his voice again. We’re big ol’
    On the other hand, if I could have an MP3 or something, that would be kick-ass, too.

  3. That is really sweet. I can’t say that I save Josh’s messages, but then again…I don’t really get messages from him. I usually get the call when he phones.

  4. Years ago when I was traveling every week, my wife always put on one of my t-shirts to sleep in.
    She says the personal smell (washed of course) would help her sleep. Since the only other body in the bed was the cat.
    I guess my t-shirt made her mind “think” I was there next to her.
    SOoooo, her demanding human sense at that time was smell.
    If the sound of M is your savoy, then put it on a CD.
    Might make a great audio for traveling to the office and back. Put it in there with the Zig Zigler CD’s. ;o)

  5. Opsy … forgot …. also my wife would trade pillows and sleep on mine. The human senses are very strong.
    We have been married .. uhhhhh … 23 years. 😀

  6. Awwww I think it is great.

    My phone friend from Cali has the greatest voice, I saved all his messages had around 300 till I hit the wrong button at 3 am one morning, now I only have about 40… He saves mine, too. So he says. Since Dec’98

    I used to save them cause what if I never heard his voice again… so I undestand where you both are coming from…

    you two are sweet and I thought I was perverted… I really should meet my phone friend someday.

  7. That’s awesome man! It’s not sick or morbid. It’s true! It’s like they say, you never know when you’re going to talk to your loved one’s for the last time. You’re awesome!