And by “no”, I meant “yes”

It’s been said that America loves a man that admits he’s wrong and fesses up. Well, I hope they’re right.

A while back, a new Dallas-Fort Worth blog was launched. You may remember me being pretty excited. You may also remember me denying that I was involved in a substantial way. Welll….that’s not exactly true.

Yallblog is my baby. My creation. I am DFW Blogger from I wanted a chance to create a D/FW blog (~~ignore the obvious google-fodder~~) and to have an outlet to comment on things anonymously. Well, someone is thinking about calling my bluff, so I need to come clean here. I wasn’t trying to hide anything and I’m sorry if I mislead you.

So, when I said “no”, I meant “yes”.

10 Comments on “And by “no”, I meant “yes””

  1. Erm. Now I dunno whether to give this any credence or believe what you said previously. Trust, dear Kevin, you’ve betrayed trust!

    Well not really, but I like Ya’ll Blog, so I don’t really care who runs it. I’ve always seen some similarities in writing style though, so I guess it’s not so much of a stretch after all. =)

  2. Thanks, yall. I’ve enjoyed it and the other authors have said the same. We’ll keep it going, for sure, and add it a new tool for everyone to submit their post ideas or links from their blogs. (Coming soon, I promise – I just have to finish my landscaping project!!)

    As to who the “outer” is, it’s not worth getting into. ;(

  3. Like we didn’t know… But hey some of us can keep secrets!!! 😉 and why would anyone want to “out” you, that’s so dumb.

    We all should be anonymous if we want. 😀

  4. Hey, it wasn’t me, although I knew (after you told me) …

    Anyway, we can understand the need for anonymity — it’s like a restaurant reviewer. It helps to be covert to avoid Hawthorne Effect.

    BTW I’ll second the people who have said “Keep up the good work”!