9 Comments on “Blessed”

  1. You know, it’s been said that love is a beautiful thing. I witnessed it first hand when I met you guys at the track. I hope to someday find that myself.

  2. Oh, OK. Thought you were talking about Josh there for second. Until I read the post more thoroughly. 🙂
    My best to both of you!!
    Uhh, you and M, that is. 😀

  3. What? You don’t say it enough. Umm…I have to disagree. You both profess your love toward each other on your weblogs quite a bit! And I agree with Corey…its quite apparent when meeting you too.

  4. OK, for the record, I don’t think it’s that apparent. I mean, we might seem like we’re pretty good friends or something, but it’s not like we really do a lot of public displays of affection (with the noted exception of the aforementioned blogging, I suppose).

    Hey, I’m a lucky guy. I know it.

  5. Hmmm…let me recall the VERY FIRST NIGHT I MET YOU TWO…. we are at the bowling alley, you guys KISS after almost every bowl!!! face it, you’re lovebirds and we can all see it!!! And that, as Martha would say…is a good thing.

  6. We only kissed after every bowl because we were afraid y’all were swingers or something. We had to show we were tight! 😉