Almost finished

Well, I’m almost finished with my landscaping project. All the old shrubs are gone. The most Charlie Brown branches from the Charlie Brown Tree are gone. The old landscaping borders are gone. In it’s place is a really nice looking landscaping bed bordered by a brick-reddish retaining wall. I’ve also gone ahead and installed some landscape lighting that will silohette the house at night. Should be nice.

A light rain (combined with many, many beers) this weekend threatened to push this project well into next week, but I think we’re at a good place so far. All that’s left is to add a yard or so of topsoil and install the as of yet unpurchased trees/bushes/flowers. In the meantime, I’ve put down some weedstop to try to fight off any seeds/spores I may have unearthed in this process.

The weedstop will get a day or so to do it’s thing and I’ll try to put down the topsoil tomorrow, as well as give the yard a good mow & edge. Tuesday-ish will be the plant install, assuming Merrin & I can come up with our selections. When we’re done, I’ll try to post a couple before & after shots.

Tonight I’ll try out the lighting a la Christmas Vacation to see if we have enough, too much, or not enough. Hopefully nothing will catch on fire.

Merrin seems to be really happy with the outcome, which is all I care about. I just want her to have something a little nicer.

4 Comments on “Almost finished”

  1. How did you get the big thick trunks and roots out of the ground?

    We are trying to get the ones in front of our house out of the ground… broke 2 ropes trying to pull them out of the ground. Most we had sawed off with a chainsaw, but we ran out of time and I have 3 left that we clipped all the leaves and little stems off and now we have to get the trunks and roots out. These have been here for over 15 years.

    Are you going to say a pickaxe or something like that?

  2. I found something at Home Depot called “Stump Disintegrator”, or something like that. Apparently it makes the stump rot faster — I didn’t read the package, but there’s probably a ton of dire warnings on it, plus it’s probably more toxic than battery acid … still, I’m strongly considering trying it …

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