Terms of Endearment

The President of Colorado University, Betsy Hoffman, broke down in tears when confronted with her own sworn testimony this week. Hoffman had testified that the “C” word can be a “term of endearment” for women. Really. Learn something every day. With such high standards of respect towards women, it’s hard to imagine why CU has spent the last six months in rape, sexual assault, gender equality and stripper scandals.

New recruiting slogan? Colorado: We put the “C” in CU.

5 Comments on “Terms of Endearment”

  1. You can do better than that…

    “Colorado… We put the CU in C**t”


    “You can’t spell C**t without CU!”

  2. Just thinking about that word makes my skin crawl. What woman in her right mind would EVER say that it is used as a term of endearment. Someone uses that word around me, they might just find some endearment with my foot!

  3. Just when you might think this issue would’ve (ahem) dried up – Dr. Mike Adams, a professor at that football powerhouse UNCW, pokes his nose into it.

    Dr. Adams cracks it wide open and probes it deeply, although he skirts the slippery slope aspect.