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Following some experimentation last night, I’m pleased to report that there is one pretty good Xbox tunnel out there, At first, we tried GameSpyArcade, but – for whatever reason – it was harder than it needed to be and we gave up. (Seriously, if Josh & I can’t make it network in 30+ minutes, it’s way too hard for your average bear.)

Tunnels allow you to play system link games online – tricking the system to thinking the other Xboxs (which could be anywhere in the world) are actually in your house and cabled to your Xbox. This way you can play all those games that don’t support Xbox Live. Or, if you don’t want to pay for an Xbox Live subscription, you can use XboxConnect to play online multiplayer.

Since I didn’t know what to expect from XBC, I donwloaded it and installed on my old dog computer, a PII 400 with XP Home & 384MB Ram. Worked like a champ. The resources needed to run the tunnel are minimal. The key factor is your broadband connection – if you’re online with DSL/Cable, you’re golden.

XboxConnect (XBC) supports 47 games right now, including Halo – reason enough to download the software and get a 16 man frag fest going. Very highly recommended.

6 Comments on “Play Xbox Games Online”

  1. So what you’re trying to say, Kevin, is that you want some punk kid from Tuscaloosa to own you in Halo?? πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for the info. I’m now going to risk my life and wake Olivier so he can go and take a look at that!

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