Dear Texas Lottery

I think someone screwed up with this drawing. They were supposed to pull all six of my numbers. Instead, someone just pulled two. Not sure what kind of operation you folks are running down there, but you better get it in line quick before tonights drawing.

So fate has decided I’m a better TV celebrity than Lotto millionaire – at least so far. As best Merrin knows, we didn’t win last night. (Heh-heh!) And, for the record, I suppose I am going to be heading into work today after all. But, I’ve still got my tickets for the $120 million in tonight’s lotto!

3 Comments on “Dear Texas Lottery”

  1. I’m such a bad person for grinning evilly and thinking dirty thoughts everytime Camille says the word “facial.”

  2. Oooooohhhh! I hope we win so you can have more facials!!!! By the way, I posted the link over at my place so everyone can have a chance to mock….um, I mean….support your new-found metrosexuality.