Last day on the job

Normally I would consult with my wife on big life altering decisions, but (seeing as how she’s home and will probably read this anyway…) I’m airing it here first.

Today is my last day on the job.

No, it’s not my new found TV fame. Truth be told I’ve told the powers that be to kiss my blarney stone ‘cuz I’m packing up my desk and heading out.


I plan on winning the lottery tonight ($100 million) and again tomorrow ($120 million).

I’ve already allocated one million dollars to Camille for ransom on my birthday candy. Other than that, I suspect I’m buying a huge present for Merrin and so that I can then buy whatever I want.

11 Comments on “Last day on the job”

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  2. I’m somewhat ashamed to report that the wife was a little upset about this post. She wasn’t sure if it was good natured fun (as I intended) or if I was seriously packing up and moving out.

    There’s nothing like getting in trouble of over joke. 🙂

  3. It would have all been okay if a) you hadn’t called me sounding all upset and b) you didn’t have a history of leaving your jobs at a moment’s notice. So, yeah. You’re in trouble.

  4. OK, for the record, if I win…no present for you. You better behave or I won’t let you watch my TV appearance!!!!!

    And I leave jobs because (in my own mind, at least) I’m uber-talented and my mad skillz are in high demand.

    I feel like I should have ended that last sentance with “plahya”. Anybody else feeling me??

  5. I’m feelin ya, platnium playboys for life, ya heard?

    Or something. I’m just glad the power is back on after all the storms this morning.