Can’t be bothered right now

Full Spectrum WarriorMerrin pointed out that I haven’t blogged all weekend. Well…duh! I got Full Spectrum Warrior on Friday and I’ve been Xbox-ing to the max. This game is exceptional. I hope Cooper will be up for a little co-op play. Maybe he or Brian will get an Xbox this century and we can game it up online.

After a trip to the family reuinion, maybe Josh has earned an Xbox for Father’s Day….

4 Comments on “Can’t be bothered right now”

  1. The Xbox is the first and only console that has controllers my hands are comfortable on. I may actually get one once I get a job, whenever that is.

  2.! He’s not getting an XBox for Father’s day. At least not from me and G. But, he can go get one for the heck of it if he wants.