17 Comments on “Summertime”

  1. I thought you would. 🙂 I originally did the re-design in a different color and Merrin said it didn’t look “summery” enough. So, I mothballed that one and it will be the fall version. Now all I have to do is find a “wintery” hawaiian shirt and I’ll be all set for the rest of the year!

  2. I like the color schema. Shirt makes me feel relaxed and at ease. How was the Buffet concert??

    Twix bar that’s it…. what would you do if I gave you a KINGSIZE?
    Would you redesign mine and my wifes site. 😀 ??

  3. Not that I have any sense for decorationating, but it really just looks like you’re selling blue printed OSFA shirts.

    What’re you upcharging on your Shipping and Haggling fees?

  4. Not sure if this is due to the change, but when I hover over some links text in other lines seems to shift on character to the right.

    Just an FYI…looks good though!

  5. I love the summer feel. If anything, you may want to make the white space surrounding the middle block where your text goes a little bigger. The blue swirly pattern is nice, but it is also a bit distracting. By expanding the white on either side of your text block maybe half to 3/4’s of an inch you give the eyes somewhere to rest.

    Keep in mind that this advice is coming from an(at times) easily distracted natural blond and they don’t call us “dizzy” for nothing.