If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me

As the final few hours of my thirtieth year draw to a close, I’m totally psyched about the great week that lies ahead. I’m working today, but it’s not too bad as the office feels like elementary school on the last day of the year – lots of free ice cream sandwiches to be had. (MMM…ice cream sandwiches!)

We’re packing up dogs, gear, & sunscreen and shipping out today. Tonight is a birthday dinner with the in-laws. Merrin’s birthday is Saturday & mine is Sunday, so we get to celebrate together! I think Jack is grilling, so it should be a great time. We’re bunking down at Merrin’s Mom’s – so there should be plenty of Coor’s Light to be had. Saturday morning is golf with Jack & b-i-l Keith at Shady Oaks CC. OUTSTANDING!

Sometime after golf, it’s get a haircut and drink plenty of water before we all load up for the Buffett/Strait/Jackson concert at Texas Stadium. I still can’t believe we get to go! It’s a great birthday present for both of us. If we can still stand upright, we’re flying out Sunday for a big birthday surprise in Florida.

GuanaMonday, we meet up with my brother and his family for a quick flight to the Abaco Islands, a ferry to Guana Cay and a week in paradise. “Sun, Rum & Fun” is the official theme for Guana 2004, so maybe I’ll get some shirts printed for everyone.

Folks, it’s going to be a much needed, much anticipated, long, long week. This could be the last you hear for me for a while. I’ll definitely be missing you, but if all goes as planned there will be no phones, no internet, and no shoes where we’re headed. With any luck, I’ll be completely incommunicado. In the words of St. Jimmy, if the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.

I’ll catch you all on the flip side of my 31st year, so love & luck to y’all.

12 Comments on “If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me”

  1. Will do. Y’all make sure the house is still standing for us. I have no doubt the pergola will be – that things a rock! Don’t let G get to big while we’re gone. And…just for the record…y’all are Guana bound next year! 😉

  2. Have fun, be safe (they’re not mutually exclusive), come back.

    btw – glad to hear yer packin’ sumscream after your incredibly successful tryout for the dRedd sLobster™ crustaceal mascot last wreakend.

  3. I’m packing a hammer, too – but I’m thinking customs or Homeland Security will frown on me taking it out of the country. 🙂

  4. oh sheesh! I just realized I didn’t wish you a happy birthday! Well, not here anyway. I hope you like your b-day card! I thought it was perfect for you.

  5. I wish Kevin gave us the key to his blogpad. One of us could have stepped in for him. Since he’s not here, I don’t think he’d mind if I shared some recipes and girly-girly talk! I don’t know if anyone would notice. Anyhow, I was just thinking he could come back to lots of comments, like he never left. I might just do that, come everyday and say “Aloha, Mr. Hand. I mean, El Presidente.”

    This could be a lot of fun. heh-heh.

  6. I would have said it earlier, but I was sort of busy. Very, very happy (belated) birthday to both you and Merrin! Hope you have a FANTASTIC trip! Sounds woooooonderful!