The ladies of Home Depot

CNN is reporting that Playboy is working to put together a “Ladies of Home Depot” edition. My thoughts on Home Depot are well documented. Even setting aside my bias, I don’t ever remember seeing a HD tool slinger that looks remotely like Playboy material. However, if you work at Home Depot and want to try out, Playboy advises,

‘send a head shot and a full-body shot, bikini-clad or nude….supply a copy of a government-issued ID proving they are 18 or older, and a recent pay stub…[from] Home Depot.’

Just a thought – those Playboy guys have a rough job, don’t they?

3 Comments on “The ladies of Home Depot”

  1. …not to be outshone, a spokesbeing for Lary Flent, CEO, Publishionator and Editor-in-Creep of Pleyboy competitor Pentup Magazine, announced their upcoming (sic) feature: “The Hos of Lowes”…