On a day like today, it’s pretty easy to see that we are definitely living in the Media Matrix. Gone from so many front pages are the stories of an innocent American who was kidnapped and beheaded on video. A story so shocking that it’s the number one through number ten search request at Lycos and huge at Yahoo is completely gone from the front of the news papers and most broadcast news. In it’s place? More on last week’s pictures from an Iraqi prison – a story that the military announced in January. Think about it: Searches about Nick Berg are twelve times more frequent than the next term, Paris Hilton. And nothing on the front pages of the news.

The prison story sickens me – it sickens you. I know that. At the same time, putting women’s underwear over a man’s head who was arrested for setting roadside bombs seems like child’s play compared to kidnapping an innocent man and slicing his head off. (Lucky for us, I guess, are the reassurances from the anti-war crowd that there are no al Queda in Iraq.)

Why? Because the media thinks that the prison questions will help “do in” President Bush. Incredible human tragedy as American are targeted and summarily murdered…not interested because it doesn’t politically damage Bush. One of the few exceptions is the Dallas Morning News, which continued with the story and an exceptionally well done editorial.

But the prison story just grows and grows. Forget the fact that newspapers are being exposed for faking abuse photos. Why? Because the correction/apology is never front page news.

Take the red pill, folks. I’m not (completely) insane. I don’t know what to make of all this. I’m really just venting. I cannot believe that there are people in our own country who would willingly put our citizens and soldiers in danger just to attack the President.

One Comment on “Clarity”

  1. The Bush haters, mostly Democrats, have gotten rabid about Bush. The whole thing stinks like Wag the Dog. I think they have decided that they are vindicated, and because of that, have lost their grip on reality.