I need a hero!

Be a buddy! Be a pal! Be a hero…well, to me at least. Here’s the thing: I want to Gmail. What I need is for someone to invite me to try Gmail. So, if you would be so kind, somebody please sign me up. OK? I’m kevin at kevindonahue.com.

4 Comments on “I need a hero!”

  1. So how much is it worth to you? 🙂

    As an active blogspot blogger I have a invitation to Gmail… but I haven’t checked yes … yet.

    You could try setting up a blogger account and play with it for a few days, see if they invite you to play with Gmail.

    So if I sign up for Gmail I can invite you to play with Gmail, too?

    That would mean I have to use Outlook? I hate Outlook… Would I have to use Outlook?

  2. I be no hero, when next I check in, I will send you an ivit.

    I dunno, Mr. Wizzard, but I like it, I like it! (I am referring to gmail, but you knew that.)