Sunday Rundown

The last post had a rundown of my week, but let’s check to see what everybody else is up to….

Merrin got some great news at work this week and big ‘ol fat honking raise. I think that makes four raises for the Donahue family in the last four weeks. (Hope that trend continues!)

I got an Xbox and decided that my brother needs one, too, so we can play online together. Ditto for Josh.

Camille is back in her hottie jeans. Josh is back to work and getting a new Palm Zire. And an Xbox, but we’ll discuss that later. Mini lost his belly button cord so it’s full on baths from here on out. Cute picture!

Candy is fixated on bicycle seats and their rather unfortunate shape. Well, it’s Spring and a girl needs to…cycle, I suppose. 🙂

Shelby’s a couple sizes smaller and flaunting it at the mall. What would Lord V say?!

PT needs to check into Itunes for Black Eyed Peas to accompany her cheese entrees. (If loving Velveeta is wrong I don’t want to be right, even though it can sit on a shelf for months.)

The RangersGirl could have news on the job front shortly. (fingers crossed)

The Hippie is getting a new position at her job. Cool. And corn fields? That’s f’d up.

Anji has decided that she doesn’t want to sleep with Britney after all, and she’s teaching some China-bound French folk English. Wow.

Christine is planning her honeymoon. I vote San Fran but it’s not on the list. Guess I won’t be going, huh? 🙂

Pixie has provided the men folk with a Users Guide to Women. Apparently burping into a girls mouth is not as popular as it once was.

Dasme’s gone wireless. Cool.

Let’s see if you’re still paying attention…. A 97-year-old Highland Park woman was arrested for failing to pay a ticket. After being ‘cooked and booked’ at the big house, Dolly Kelton is flying to New York to appear on the Today show. Here’s my question: She was released on her own recognizance. The HP police have shown they follow the letter of the law, so should she be crossing state lines? A developing story line, I’m sure.

Like me, schmed is buried at work. At least I think that’s what he’s saying. 😉

Gigglechick watched the Derby and rooted for…just about every horse!

Karen Angela had “fun with static electricity” day this week.

I would seriously hate to be Shelli’s daughter this weekend.

I think Sporty had a nice weekend. That girl’s got a glow about her, doesn’t she?

LoneAggie is going back to the brain over braun principle.

Congrats to Michelle’s mom who got her doctorate this week.

And finally, a very Happy Birthday (a couple days late and a few dollars short, but none the less…) to Kim, who was hit in the eye by a juggle ball. It’s the stuff that songs are made of, I tell ya.

Good times and noodle salad.

2 Comments on “Sunday Rundown”

  1. Sounds like everyone has sunshine on a cloudy day. And what a lovely day it is. I can’t remember the last time it was nice and cool with no humiditiy in May.