Quick rundown of the week here. Let’s see, Monday was my “jam everything for the week into one day” day at work. Hate that. Tuesday was off to Houston for client calls and a late night reception. I forgot to tell Christine that I was coming, so I lost my chance to be an honorary tiara blogger.

Here’s a suggestion for the people of Houston, though: VOTE FOR ROAD BONDS. I’ve never seen such crappy roads in all my life. The city is one of thebiggest metro areas in America, home to some of the wealthiest companies in the world, hosted the Super Bowl, and yet cannot scrape up enough cash to lay down some new pavement?! Puh-leez!

Wednesday was clients and fly home. I did get to talk on the speaker on the flight home though. Two things about Southwest: a) it’s cattle class and I hate it, and b) they are truly some of the coolest kids in the biz. I offered the crew a drawing for a free weekend at the resort in exchange for letting me offer the same to the passengers. I got to sell my resort on the PA, collected 70+ business cards and (maybe) I’ll get a lead or two from that. We’ll see.

Thursday was my anniversary. Four years. I never would have believed that she wouldn’t have come to her senses by now. No formalities for the night, though. Merrin worked late and I had a full day of client events plus an outing to Lone Star Park with 20 clients. And yes, I did walk away with an extra $300+. That brings this years take home at LSP to just over $1100. Did I mention that I love Lone Star Park?!

Friday was client golf. Twenty-some-odd clients played and we had a blast, even though it was 90% humidity and 80 degrees. If we had been spinning I would have been certain that we were inside a convection oven. Wow. Afterwards I got to head home to start my weekend a few hours early.

Friday night was shopping for the beach for Merrin. Oh yeah, and I got an Xbox.

Saturday was a blur, except that the Halo action stopped at 7p when Coopers³ called to offer Fajitas and Good. (Note: That’s the complete sentence. ‘Good’ is a food item at Chez Cooper. Yup.) The fajitas were good and the Good was…err…good. A few glasses of wine later and it was 9p.

I got back in the Halo saddle and finally climbed down when I realized the entire house had gone to bed…hours ago. It’s amazing how fast 2a rolls around.

Today I’m mowing (assuming that the grass ever dries out this morning) otherwise the city is probably going cite me. Seriously, it’s ~almost~ that bad. Afterwards, I may just have to run off and play Halo. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play Halo some more before Merrin wakes up get ready to cut the grass. 🙂

5 Comments on “Briefly…”

  1. Happy Sunday, Kevin! I love Southwest, but I’ve never known anything but cattle class. And they are the coolest!! 🙂

    Is Lone Star Park horses? I love the dog races. I haven’t been in years.

  2. Tues: I haven’t read the Big Pink Cookie in a long while, but too bad you didn’t have a chance to meet up! You deserve a tiara because if her blog’s an indication, she is Off the Rickter!*:)

    Weds: Ever the business man! I hope you do get more than 2 leads!

    Thurs: Happy Anniversary! You know how to take care of your woman, and that, mister, is the secret to all things!*:)

    Fri: I had a distinct vision of you spinning and browning quite nicely…

    Sat: Awesome neighbors.

    Sun: That reminds me, this Tuesday is green recycle day, so weed taming is in order. Will you be a doll and cut my weeds down to respectible size? Mahalo!

  3. PT—He’ll be right over to tame your weeds as soon as he does ours. Seriously, the city keeps sending crews by. It’s kind of embarassing! 😉

  4. Merrin: You are sooooo sweet! I better go make some lemonade for the boy, then*:) And isn’t it awful that, in the back of your mind, you guys always have to worry you’ll get cited? We live in a “planned” community, so we get the Big Brother treatment, too.