Setting my watch for island time

OK. My plans are set. Merrin and I have decided that we’re headed back to Guana, population not very many. The plan is to fly out to the Florida coast and then puddle jump to the islands just after the Jimmy Buffett concert and spend a week at her Dad’s island house.

We haven’t been since we got engaged there in 1999. Once we’re there, we’ll probably snorkle, drink, eat, and sleep. Maybe in that order, maybe not. You’re welcome to come visit – the house is down on the high rocks overlooking the ocean and the reef. Just know in advance that there’s only room in the hammock for my baby & me.

A whole week on island time. I can’t wait.

5 Comments on “Setting my watch for island time”

  1. I’m pretty much inspired to do a new blog skin. I need to go with an island theme. I used to have an island skin, but I want something that’s closer to what I have now. Sounds like a weekend project.

  2. It sounds so relaxing. Next time I get all stressed out I’ve got a new place to take a mental vacation. Thanks – have a great time.