The horses are ready

The greatness that is Lone Star Park opens this week. Tax time got you down? Head out Thursday for a date with the ponies. For those who love a little Willie with their whinny, Willie Nelson plays Friday night ($3 general admission). For my money, I think it’s a Saturday date to watch, wager, and wipe out with the Beach Boys. (From what I understand, it’s supposed to be good luck to go watch the races when you’re pregnant!) Beautiful weather (80 degrees), cheap beer, and $3 general admission add up to a great time. Who’s in?! Mound folk?? Shelby?? Corey??

8 Comments on “The horses are ready”

  1. I think we’ll have to play it by ear. Depends on how much we have to do that day, and if I’m getting a new bed delivered and what not.

  2. Horse sense.. that would be Robbie’s cup of tea. BTW we had a baby mare yesterday. Check out the picture on my blog.

  3. Would love to but I think Lord V is on call this weekend. I know he would love to go though. Darn!! BBs sounds like fun.

    I will get back with ya.

  4. Okay……PJ is right, horses are my cup of tea….but he is wrong about a ‘baby mare’ ….now how can a MARE have a ‘baby mare’…a mare is a mature female horse… mare that we have had a foal that is a female…..and so that means she had a filly…a female foal.