5 Comments on “Mac OS X Virus”

  1. first one compared to how many for windows? you also know what this means, the flame ware has started on Mac message boards.

  2. It’s not a virus. It’s an application that could only do you harm if, like any other application, someone sent it along with the resource fork and you launched it.

    That means they would have to use stuffit or some other HFS+ aware compression program to compress the MP3 first before sending it to you.

    Not bloody likely that’s going to be a big deal.

    But in any case, it isn’t a virus and it’s not the first trojan to affect a Unix-based system.

  3. Well, I trust Jay to know…but, that’s making it sound slightly more complicated than it is. The threat of the trojan is very real.

    If used correctly, someone could disguise the code snippets as any file type (mp3, jpg, whatever) and the user could launch them just by double clicking.

    I’d say that it seems fairly easy to construct and launch, despite Jay’s assertation otherwise.